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Eagles Wings is supporting and working with local Watford Charity ‘The Tariro Project’ working in the Motoko region, to the north west of Harare, Zimbabwe.

This region is sparsely populated with little community or village life due to the geology of the area. Farms are spread apart and the small houses are widely dispersed.

The Tariro project is working with around 500 people living in a 100 kilometre corridor. Of these, 250 are children including over 100 orphans, many of whom are HIV positive.

Rudi Grey and her family come from this area and have a real heart to see a small community develop and grow with proper education and medical care made available to the children. Already the children’s health is improving with food supplied from their own piggery, cows and a ZIP multi vitamin tablet programme.

Zimbabwe is politically unstable and it is critical to have people you can trust and work with on the ground, particularly with finance. Rudi’s brother lives in the region and has considerable respect in the locality.

Eagles Wings supported the purchase of a pick up truck which enables local farmers to work together in a cooperative and get their produce to market on time and in good condition. The pick up truck doubles as transport to school and as a community vehicle and ambulance. It is one of the very few vehicles in the region.

As funds allow we will further support the Tariro project, which now boasts its own pre-school and teachers paid for from UK funding. A combined community hall and church has been provided by another UK charity.
A teacher’s salary is around £20 per month and it costs no more than £5 per month to fully support a child with food and education.


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